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Using Check Boxes To Select Multiple Files In Windows 7 Explorer

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Checkbox in explorer, click on image to enlarge
In order to select multiple files for an operation such as copying, moving or deleting in Windows 7 explorer, you generally use the keyboard and the mouse, Ctrl-clicking every file you want to select. But if you're mouse-centric, there is a way to select multiple files in Windows 7 using only your mouse, via check boxes. To do it:
•  Open Windows Explorer, click Organize, and then select  Folder and search options
•  Click the View tab
•  In Advanced Settings, scroll down and check the box next to Use check boxes to select items,  Click OK

 From now on, when you hover your mouse over a file in Windows Explorer, a check box will appear next to it; click it to select the file. Once a file is selected, the checked box remains next to it; if you uncheck it, the box will disappear when you move your mouse away.

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